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Nardone Cement

 Our Installation Methods

At Nardone Cement Company we don't hide our methods of concrete installation, in fact we want all our customers to know how we do our work. Here are detailed explanations of our methods. Enjoy!

Broom Finish Driveways/Patios/Walks

We start with a crew review of the work and the job is laid out so the installation will be done right the first time. Certain cities have different code requirements which we stringently follow. All existing concrete or other organic material (dirt, grass etc..) is removed and forms are set for grade & pitch. We then bring in 21AA crushed concrete for the subgrade which is compacted. 10 gauge steel wire mesh is laid down on every job before concrete is delivered to the job as well as the use of expansion paper. Only the best concrete mix from trusted suppliers (Van Horn Concrete, Protocon Transit Mix, Detroit Redi-Mix, and Piedmont Concrete) is used in our customers concrete installation. Once on-site the concrete is screeded, bullfloated, and finished by hand before a light broom finish is applied. The next day the concrete control joints which control cracking are cut by using a concrete saw with a green concrete diamond blade. Soon an old and worn driveway or patio is transformed into a beautiful new driveway or patio that will make everyone jealous. This is all done by the experienced crew at Nardone Cement Company.


Stamped Concrete Installation

Stamped Concrete is installed by using an integral colored concrete mix which colors the concrete 100 percent and eliminates the color variations of dry shake color hardener. Steps are formed/poured and stamped to achieve a seamless look. Borders can be applied to give your job a special touch. The concrete is poured and troweled by hand to give it a smooth finish. After finishing the concrete is stamped using professional grade imprinting tools. The concrete is saw cut the next day and soon it is stained using an antiquing stain to give it a two tone look and sealed that will give it that wet look and to protect the surface finish. This will give you a patio or walk that you will enjoy year after year.


Exposed Aggregate Installation

Exposed Aggregate concrete is installed by using a decorative peastone mix instead of limestone that is poured and finished as it is with regular concrete. The top micro thin layer of cream of the concrete is washed to exposed the peastone that is mixed into the concrete. The concrete is saw cut the next day and sealed with a decorative concrete sealer. This method will give you a job to be proud of.